If you have been seriously injured in a work accident you may be able to claim for past loss of earnings and future loss of earning capacity.

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Work Injury Damages Claims

There are thresholds that must be met to make a work injury damages claim, however the most important are:

Your injury must be the result of the employer’s negligence; and
Your injury must be assessed at fifteen percent (15%) whole person impairment or greater.

Our expert lawyers will gather the best liability and medical evidence in your claim regarding the above thresholds. 

Work Injury Damages Claim - Example

A typical example of a Work Injury Damages claim is as follows. Assume you were 35 years of age, were working full time at the date of injury and were earning $850 net per week (roughly average weekly earnings). You sustained an injury at work which rendered you either completely unfit to work or almost completely unfit for work (which is assessed at 15% whole person impairment or higher). If you can establish that your employer was negligent in causing your injuries and incapacity for work, then you should be awarded by the courts somewhere in the vicinity of $600,000 - $850,000 as compensation for your past and future wage loss and past and future superannuation loss (clear of workers compensation wage payments to date).

It's important to know that a lump sum work injury damages settlement finalises all entitlements to workers compensation benefits. 

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