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If you’ve decided to pursue a motor accident compensation claim then the extent of your benefits and ability to claim common law damages will be determined by the severity of your injuries.

A slip and fall compensation claim is a legal claims process that can be pursued by someone who has been injured as a direct result of

Australians spend a large portion of their day at their job, which is why it is vital to have a safe place to work and ensure that bullying or harassment is dealt with if it ever arises.

Workplace injuries can be serious, affecting not just your ability to live your life as you normally would but also your ability to earn a living within your industry.

Workers compensation claims come with many pitfalls, confusing policies and important deadlines.

Purpose of Workers Compensation Mediation

If you’ve been seriously injured at work and your workers compensation claim has been lodged and accepted, you may be eligible to pursu

No win, no fee agreements are an excellent way to protect yourself from financial risks when pursuing a compensation claim.

A total and permanent disability claim can be difficult and requires expertise to succesfully pursue..

What is medical negligence?

The definition of medical negligence in Australia is mostly standardised across the country, with slight differences between states and territories.

All workers in New South Wales are covered under workers compensation insurance, including full time, part time or casual employees.

Getting into a motor vehicle accident can be both dangerous and emotionally overwhelming, which is why it is important to avoid making some common mistakes when you need to handle this difficult si