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Having an ongoing, pre-existing condition can seriously affect not just your enjoyment of life but also your ability to make a living.

TPD insurance is intended to help support people who have suffered an injury or illness serious enough to mean that they are unable to

Life after a car accident can be challenging, particularly if you have suffered from a physical or psychological injury.

Lump sum compensation for permanent impairment is an insurance benefit that you may be able to claim under workers compensation insuran

Pain and suffering compensation for car accidents, also known as general damages or non-economic loss, is a lump sum payment awarded to individuals who have suffered serious physical and psychologi

Dog bites can be severe and traumatic events, which is why it is often best for everyone to pursue a compensation claim if the owner of the dog was at fault.

TPD insurance claims can be a long, difficult process and most claimants will have some doubts about what TPD means, what they are entitled to and what to do if their claim is rejected.

If you’ve suffered from an injury or illness and cannot go back to work then you might be eligible for a total and permanent disability payout from your superannuation insurance.

A TPD or total permanent disability claim is a lump-sum payment intended to help support someone who is no longer able to work due to severe injury or illness.

What is a No Win No Fee Agreement?

No win no fee agreement for a compensation claim means your lawyer only gets paid if they win your case.

If you’ve just had an accident or suffered from an injury or illness, then you might be entitled to lodge a compensation claim.

What is a public liability claim?

A public liability claim is a compensation claim taken out against a third party when a person has been injured in place that is accessible to the public