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Australians spend a large portion of their day at their job, which is why it is vital to have a safe place to work and ensure that bullying or harassment is dealt with if it ever arises.

Workplace injuries can be serious, affecting not just your ability to live your life as you normally would but also your ability to earn a living within your industry.

Workers compensation claims come with many pitfalls, confusing policies and important deadlines.

Purpose of Workers Compensation Mediation

If you’ve been seriously injured at work and your workers compensation claim has been lodged and accepted, you may be eligible to pursu

All workers in New South Wales are covered under workers compensation insurance, including full time, part time or casual employees.

Worker’s compensation is intended to provide financial support to employees that have suffered an illness or injury in the course of their work.

Having an ongoing, pre-existing condition can seriously affect not just your enjoyment of life but also your ability to make a living.

Lump sum compensation for permanent impairment is an insurance benefit that you may be able to claim under workers compensation insuran

Our client was a young man backpacking in Australia from the United Kingdom at the time of his accident. He was healthy, fit, a personal trainer and a semi-professional soccer player.

Our client, a 62 year old truck delivery driver, sustained injuries to his back and leg in the course of his employment.

It is estimated that thousands of workers will potentially be cut off from their weekly compensation benefits in 2017.