13 September 2023

Being a police officer is a challenging profession that often involves putting one's life at risk while maintaining law and order.

Being a police officer is a challenging profession that often involves putting one's life at risk while maintaining law and order. Unfortunately, police officers can face serious injuries while on duty, which may impact their physical and mental well-being. This article presents an example of a NSW police officer injury claim, highlighting the process and the importance of seeking compensation for injuries sustained in the line of duty.

Our client had been serving with the New South Wales Police Force for the past ten years. During a routine patrol, our client responded to a call regarding a domestic violence incident. Upon arrival, she encountered a highly agitated suspect who became violent, assaulting her and causing severe injuries. In the scuffle, she suffered a broken arm, multiple cuts, bruises, and a concussion. This incident left her traumatized and unable to continue active duty in the following months.

After her recovery, our client faced medical expenses, loss of income due to her extended sick leave, and the need for ongoing therapy to address the psychological impact of the incident. To seek appropriate compensation for her injuries, she decided to file a personal injury claim against the NSW Police Force.

She sought legal advice from a LawAdvice. We are a specialised personal injury law firm with a dedicated team for claims involving police officers. Our lawyers assessed our client’s injuries, collected evidence, and advised her on pursuing a claim.

To support our client’s claim, we collected crucial pieces of evidence, including medical reports detailing her injuries, treatments, and prognosis. She also obtained statements from witnesses present during the incident, as well as photographs documenting the scene and her injuries.

The claim was initiated by lodging a Notice of Claim with the NSW Police Force. This notice outlined the details of her injury, the cause of the incident, and the medical treatment, loss of income, and psychological trauma suffered.

With the claim lodged, the NSW Police Force conducted an internal investigation to ascertain liability and assess the extent of our client’s damages. We engaged in negotiations with the Police Force's legal representatives. In most cases, mediations are arranged to facilitate a fair settlement offer.

After much deliberation and negotiation, we reached an agreement for final settlement. The settlement included compensation for lost income and loss of future career development.

This example underscores the importance of seeking proper compensation for police officers who suffer injuries while fulfilling their duties. By seeking legal representation, gathering relevant evidence, and engaging in negotiations, injured officers can obtain the financial outcome they deserve to aid in recovery and rehabilitation.


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