If you have been injured by a faulty product you may be entitled to compensation under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) in addition to common law rights and entitlements. 

Typical product liability claims include faulty kitchen and electrical equipment, faulty vehicle parts or workmanship, faulty toys, faulty gym and fitness equipment, defective cosmetics, defective building material and many other unsafe goods and products.

Product Liability Lawyers

We have lawyers accredited by the Law Society of NSW as Specialists in Personal Injury Law. Accreditation by the Law Society recognises exceptional knowledge and skill in conducting personal injury law claims.

Can I claim compensation if I have been injured by a faulty product?

Yes. If you can prove that the defect in the product was the cause of your injury. For a product to be defective, it generally must be deemed to be below the standard expected by consumers, or be provided with inadequate warnings, or unsafe or not fit for its purpose.

Dependents of a person injured or killed by a safety defect in goods can also claim for the losses they suffer.

What Should I do if I have been Injured by a Faulty Product?

  1. Seek immediate medical treatment;
  2. Keep evidence including photographs of the faulty product and receipts of purchase;
  3. Seek immediate legal advice. We offer a free, no obligation initial consultation and can organise a consultation on short notice, and usually the same day if required.

What Can I Claim if I have been injured by a faulty product?

Pain and Suffering Compensation 

You may be entitled to a lump sum for the pain and suffering that you have endured due to your injuries. Compensation for pain and suffering can be substantial. 

Treatment Expenses

Payments for all reasonable and necessary treatment and therapeutic expenses that have been incurred because of the defective product. 

Loss of Income claim

A claim for loss of income can be made if your injuries have affected your ability to work. Our lawyers will gather all the necessary evidence to prove the extent of your loss and that your loss of income has occurred because of your accident. Further, you may be entitled to claim for future income loss if you can prove that your injuries will have an impact on your ability to earn income in the future. 

Domestic Care and Assistance

If you require help around your home due to your injuries from the defective product, you can claim compensation for help around your home.

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