Colliding with a truck or heavy vehicle is a terrifying experience. Crashes involving trucks or heavy vehicles often result in more serious physical and psychological trauma for the victims involved.

According to the NSW Centre for Road Safety although heavy trucks represent only 2.2 % of registered vehicles in NSW, crashes involving heavy trucks account for 20% of all fatalities on NSW roads.

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Truck Accident Compensation

Compensation that may be available for a truck or heavy vehicle accident includes:

  • Pain and Suffering Compensation - a lump sum for the pain and suffering that you have endured due to your injuries if your injuries exceed 10% whole person impairment.
  • Treatment Expenses – payment of all reasonable and necessary treatment expenses that have been incurred as a result of the truck accident.
  • Loss of Income - A claim for loss of income if your injuries have affected your ability to work after the accident and into the future.
  • Care and Assistance - If you require help around your home due to your injuries from the accident, you are able to claim domestic care compensation.

Truck Accident Compensation for Family Members

It is a sad fact that many persons involved in a truck accident are killed or suffer life threatening injuries. This can place an immense psychological and financial strain on the victim’s family. As such, the families of those victims are usually entitled to claim compensation for the loss they have suffered.

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