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What is no win no fee?

For many people the thought of a large legal fee at the end of a failed compensation claim scares them out of getting the professional help that they need to maximise their chances of success. To help alleviate this fear and offer the best support possible for our clients Law Advice offers a No Win No Fee Guarantee on every matter and for every client. A No Win No Fee agreement for compensation means that a lawyer will only get paid if they win the case, allowing clients to pursue their legal objectives without the fear of a bill if they lose. If you don't win your case, you do not pay us any legal fees. There are no hidden charges or fees whatsoever.


Law Advice No Win No Fee

Why is the Law Advice No Win No Fee better?

While many lawyers offer No Win No Fee agreements, some agreements come with hidden costs or don’t cover all the fees incurred during a claim. Some of the common hidden charges in No Win No Fee agreements include asking the client to pay for disbursements such as court fees or administrative expenses, charging interest on costs or barrister fees. If these costs are not included in the No Win No Fee agreement it can still mean an unexpected bill for unsuspecting clients at the end of their engagement. Our No Win No Fee Policy by comparison includes all of our costs. In the unlikely event that you do not win your case you will not have to pay our professional charges and disbursements. This includes money that we have spent on medical reports, expert fees and other disbursements.


No Upfront Costs

Do I have to pay anything upfront or during the claim?

In making a claim there are many payments that need to be made throughout the process, including medical report fees, expert expenses, court fees and other administrative expenses. Some lawyers will ask you to pay for these expenses upfront to help them minimise their costs. Law Advice on the other hand has made it a core policy that our clients do not need to pay anything upfront or during the claim. Law Advice will pay for all fees and disbursements throughout the conduct of your matter. These costs are then reimbursed to us only once you win your case and have received your compensation. If you do not win the case you do not have to pay anything.


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Does every matter with Law Advice come with the No Win No Fee Guarantee?

Yes, absolutely every client of Law Advice Compensation Lawyers is provided with a No Win No Fee Guarantee. At the first consultation, our expert lawyers will advise you whether your claim has a good chance of succeeding. We will not pursue your matter if it there are no prospects of succeeding.


Law Advice No Win No Fee Guarantee Information

How can I get more information on your No Win No Fee Guarantee?

We provide a free no obligation assessment of your claim during our initial consultation. Get in touch by calling us on Free Call 1800 122 555 or complete our Free Advice Form. With our No Win No Fee Guarantee, your costs will be payable only on the successful outcome of your claim. This means that throughout your claim we won't ask you to pay for any of our legal costs. Our costs are payable at the end of your matter and only when you receive your compensation.