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A total and permanent disability claim can be difficult and requires expertise to succesfully pursue..

What is medical negligence?

The definition of medical negligence in Australia is mostly standardised across the country, with slight differences between states and territories.

All workers in New South Wales are covered under workers compensation insurance, including full time, part time or casual employees.

Getting into a motor vehicle accident can be both dangerous and emotionally overwhelming, which is why it is important to avoid making some common mistakes when you need to handle this difficult si

Our client, a man in his late 70’s, was injured whilst walking along a walk way at a holiday home.

Getting injured in a motor vehicle accident can happen to anyone.

What is Total & Permanent Disability Insurance?

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance also known as Permanently Unable to Work Insurance are policies that are intended to assist yo

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident then you may be eligible to make a CTP insurance claim to help support you with your loss of income, medical and treatment expenses.

If you’ve been injured, whether it was in a public place, motor accident or even at work, you might be eligible to lodge a compensation claim.

Public liability in Australia is a type of compensation claim that can usually be taken out against a public liability insurer if a person has suffered a physical or psychological injury due to neg

Worker’s compensation is intended to provide financial support to employees that have suffered an illness or injury in the course of their work.

What is a slip and fall compensation claim?

A slip and fall claim is a legal compensation claim that can be taken out if a person slipped and fell in a public plac