21 September 2019

The Supreme Court of NSW handed down a decision in favour of our client in the sum of $1,672,626.19.

Our client was a young man backpacking in Australia from the United Kingdom at the time of his accident. He was healthy, fit, a personal trainer and a semi-professional soccer player. He attended the gym regularly and had completed a university degree intending to become a PE school teacher.

On the day of the accident he was undertaking some causal work as a labourer unloading large timber beams from a large pile located in a shipping container. The beams were 3.6 metres in length and each beam weighed about 17 kilograms.

During the removal of one of the timber beams, a large pile of beams started to fall on top of him and pressed him against the side of the shipping container.

Due to the accident, he suffered serious injuries and he will continue to suffer from low back pain, reduced leg muscle bulk, a loss of sensation and weakness of his left leg, is prone to falls and has bladder function issues among other problems. Although he returned to work and now plays golf and badminton, he can no longer play football, which he misses playing with his mates and the social life which centred around it.

We engaged in settlement negotiations with the defendant in this matter prior to the Supreme Court hearing; however, our advice to our client was that we could do better than any of the offers that were made. Suffice to say, the result LawAdvice achieved was more than double what the defendants had offered before the court hearing.


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