08 April 2019

Our client obtained compensation for post traumatic stress due to a car crashing into his home.

Our client sustained psychiatric injuries when a vehicle crashed into his house causing severe damage to his property.  At the time of the incident he was at home with his family, holding his baby daughter when he heard a loud noise from outside followed by a car crashing into his house. He immediately yelled out to his wife and son to ensure they were safe. Thankfully his family were not injured.

The claimant required extensive repairs to his home as well as moving to a hotel for a month while the repairs were carried out.

Although our client was not physically injured in the accident, he developed psychological injuries including severe anxiety attacks, breathlessness and dizziness. He was later diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Prior to the accident he had suffered from mild psoriasis affecting just his elbows, knees and scalp. Due to the psychological injury sustained in the accident his psoriasis aggravated and extended to his trunk and limbs which became very irritable and itchy.

Following the incident, the client consulted with Law Advice Compensation Lawyers in order to make a claim for personal injury compensation.  A claim was lodged on the CTP insurer of the vehicle that crashed into his home. The CTP insurer of the vehicle at fault admitted liability on behalf of their insured driver.

Our client required multiple sessions with a psychologist/psychiatrist to deal with his post-traumatic stress disorder. To treat his severe psoriasis, he also required consultations with a dermatologist and biological agent injections.

Due to the injuries and disabilities sustained in the accident, the claimant had significant difficulties performing his self-employed work duties. He had time away from work which in turn required him to hire another person to undertake his work duties.

Law Advice Compensation Lawyers obtained expert evidence from medico legal specialists including reports from a psychiatrist to comment on the psychological impact the accident had on our client and a report from a specialist dermatologist to comment on the severe psoriasis he developed post-accident. We also consulted with his tax accountant to obtain evidence of increased expenses to his business.

A settlement conference was arranged with the insurer where we provided them with our expert medical evidence and loss of income documents. We were able to obtain a compensation settlement amount of multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars for our client.  Our client was extremely pleased with his compensation settlement and will use his compensation for his future needs. 

The information is current as at the date of publication of this article. The above article is of a general nature only and does not constitute legal advice. Law Advice Compensation Lawyers are experts in car accident claims. For a free, no obligation assessment of your injury claim call us on 1800 122 555 or complete our Free Claim Advice Form and get the compensation you deserve.

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