11 September 2018

Law Advice Compensation Lawyers have experience in winning significant compensation in brain injury claims.

Brain injuries have a serious impact on a person’s day to day life, not to mention the impact on family and friends.

A brain injury is an impact or disturbance of the brain, often caused by some type of trauma such as a car accident or workplace accident. For example, a shove or violent blow to the head or a penetrating injury into the brain cavity. 

Traumatic brain injuries can be classified as mild, moderate, or severe. Generally, the longer the period of unconsciousness the more severe the brain injury. However, a loss of consciousness is not necessary for a brain injury to be present. An alteration of consciousness, such as dizziness, nausea or vomiting may be enough. In either case, the long-term effects of a brain injury can be debilitating for the sufferer.


Effects of a Brain Injury

Brain injuries due to trauma can affect the functioning of the brain in several ways:

  1. Prolonged loss of consciousness;
  2. Amnesia of the event;
  3. Nausea or frequent vomiting;
  4. Learning difficulties;
  5. Loss of memory;
  6. Loss of concentration;
  7. Loss of coordination;
  8. Difficulty or altered speech;
  9. Difficult or altered hearing or vision;
  10. Loss of smell;
  11. Loss of taste;
  12. Sleep impairment.


Common causes of traumatic brain injuries include:

  • Slips, trips and falls;
  • Motor vehicle accidents are common causes of traumatic brain injuries and include car accidents, bicycle or motorcycle accidents, as well as pedestrian accidents.
  • Workplace accidents such as impact with heavy machinery, falls from heights, or blows to the head;
  • A severe blow to the head that causes the brain to move back and forth in the skull or tear vessels in the brain;



Compensation in traumatic brain injury cases

Traumatic brain injuries can sometimes be an overwhelming financial burden to those who suffer such injuries as well as to their families. Attendant care and medical expenses are usually required throughout life. Not to mention the impact on work and family life which could result in a loss of employment and a diminished work life expectancy.

If you have been injured you may be able to claim wage/income loss, treatment expenses, assistance around your home, and a lump sum for your pain and suffering. Contact us for a free discussion or consultation regarding your rights and entitlements.

Our lawyers are experts in gathering the best evidence to prove your loss including reports from neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuropsychologists, physical therapists, speech therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, functional and vocational experts, occupational therapists, and forensic accountants.


The information is current as at the date of publication of this article. The above article is of a general nature only and does not constitute legal advice. Law Advice Compensation Lawyers are experts in brain injury claims. For a free, no obligation assessment of your brain injury claim call us on 1800 122 555 or complete our Free Claim Advice Form and get the compensation you deserve.


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