23 October 2019

If you have been injured due to a third party's failure to take care for your safety you may be entitled to make a public liability claim.

A public liability accident usually occurs on property that is open or accessible to the public.

Public liability claims cover injuries resulting from a vast array of circumstances such as slip and falls, unsafe premises, dog bites, aviation accidents, claims against Councils, boating and water sport accidents and lack of security at licensed premises.


Usually, the claim is made according to the Civil Liability Act.

It is common for the party at fault to have Public Liability Insurance in place in order to cover the losses and damages to injured persons. 


Common public liability claims include:

  • Injuries sustained in a public place
  • Injuries sustained in a supermarket or shopping centre
  • Injuries sustained in a park
  • Injuries sustained due to unsafe rental premises
  • Injuries sustained due to a boating or water sport accident
  • Injuries sustained as a result of a dog bite and dog attack
  • Injuries sustained due to a playground or school accidents
  • Injuries sustained whilst on licenced premises
  • Injuries sustained due to sexual abuse and assault
  • Aviation accident injuries


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