25 January 2018

TPD claims against your superannuation fund can be difficult without the assistance of a specialised lawyer.

A 2016 report by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) on the life insurance sector, claimed that insurers declined an average of 16 percent of claims with one insurer denying 37 per cent of TPD claims.

Information and tips in TPD claims:

  1. Many injured or ill people are unaware that their superannuation policy contains insurance which will cover them if they are unable to work due to an injury or illness. This insurance is often ‘hidden’ in the fine print of the policy. Check your policy document to find out whether you are covered or ask us to investigate on your behalf.

  2. Look for terms such as “TPD Insurance” or “Income Protection Insurance” within your policy documents.

  3. You do not need to prove that your injury or illness was caused by someone else’s negligence or that it is work related. Any injury or illness that prevents you from working may qualify for a TPD claim.

  4. The initial claim form is a very important document. As such, we recommend that you seek professional assistance to make sure that the form is completed correctly and the right medical evidence accompanies the TPD claim form.

  5. You may have more than one TPD insurance policy. A good lawyer can investigate all superannuation accounts held in your name to ascertain whether you could have multiple TPD insurance policies.

  6. You are entitled to obtain your own medical evidence in support of your TPD claim. The insurer will usually send you to their own doctors and then rely on those opinions to deny or accept your claim. However, you are entitled to get your own medical opinions in response. We work with numerous doctors that can provide fair reports in support of your TPD claim.

  7. The amount that you will receive if you are successful will depend on the amount that you are insured for. Look for the sum on your policy documents or give us a call and we can help locate the insured amount in your policy documents.

  8. We provide a No Win No Fee guarantee in Superannuation/TPD claims. We will provide you with advice regarding your prospects of success and will only be paid for our fair and reasonable legal costs at the end of your claim and only if you win and receive compensation.

To receive a free, no obligation assessment of your TPD/Superannuation rights contact us on 1800 122 555 or complete our Free Claim Advice Form. The above information is general only and does not constitute legal advice. 

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